The Approach is structured in the following way

    (focus depends on needs and wants of client):

  • Move:  Stretching, movements and practices that emphasize body ease, exploration, engagement  and release of muscles, allowing for an increase in body fluidity, comfort and a repatterning of movement, posture,  and awareness.

  • Feel:  Feel where patterns of tightness and holding exist; learn how to release these patterns. Feel flow in body and awareness of centered, balanced strength. Feel any thoughts, emotions, memories that arise.

  • Express:  The expression of what we hold in our bodies is key. This may simply be a verbal acknowledgement of a movement pattern that has caused discomfort. Or it may be a deeper awareness of feelings/emotions, which have created holding patterns in your body. Journaling is an important tool for this phase.

  • Transform:  This Approach allows you to come to the place of transformation of physical/energetic/emotional patterns into ease, comfortable mobility, centered strength, acceptance, understanding, and compassion.

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What will the BodyConnect Approach help you to discover?

"Part of our earth experience is how we tend to the vessel in which our soul resides during this journey...Deb possesses a highly tuned ability to bring people into a deeper relationship to 'be' within their body, thus enhancing their earth experience."


"Your body is a wonderful gift to you. Through it and with it you experience life and you experience yourself."

Deb Arthur

  • Understand how your body wants to stretch, move, and strengthen in ways that are safe and pain free.

  • Develop your sensing awareness through movements that promote ease and specific ignition of muscles.

  • Create awareness, engagement and release in specific muscles, body parts and whole body.

  • Understand the discomfort, pain, and tension in your body and find relief.

  • Increase wellness and fitness through the knowing and sensing of your body rather than through your mind and self-judgment.

  • Enhance your ability to listen to your body and make wellness choices from this mindful place.


Body-Centered Fitness and Wellness Coaching