The BodyConnect Approach

Body-Centered Fitness and Wellness Coaching

    RETRAIN: We have beliefs about how we should move, exercise, eat, live. Sometimes our bodies ache and feel uncomfortable. We get frustrated with our bodies, distrust our bodies. We feel out of balance; our health is compromised. Sometimes we find relief. Sometimes we resign ourselves to just accepting that this is the way it is.

     REAWAKEN: The life path we travel teaches us many things. It forms us and develops patterns within us. These patterns live in our minds, hearts, and bodies. They become our norm and our foundation. They color how we move, feel and care for ourselves. Perceptions are powerful; they can limit us or inspire us to move forward.

     RECONNECT: We tend to trust what is outside of us more than what is inside of us. We trust the practitioner, the expert, the article, the norm more than we trust our own inner guidance system. We have forgotten that we are the navigators of our own healing and that we can heal, experience joy, and find the "missing piece". The knowing is within us. And the path to this knowing is found through the connection with the body...


Increase wellness and fitness through a focus on body sensing.