BodyConnect Coaching

Trusting the power and wisdom of your body, through muscle ignition, embodied movement,and awareness...

"We are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and energetic beings and all that we are lives in our body and is intimately integrated into every fiber of our physical being"

~Deb Arthur

"Mindfulness is about being fully present in body, in emotions, in self and in the now.  Through mindfulness, we have greater clarity about what is best for self and body.  Movement, food, and other life choices are not based in judgment or struggle but in self-understanding and compassion"

~Deb Arthur

At BodyConnect Coaching, we know that : 
Pain-free, enjoyable, and effective fitness development
is possible for all of us. 

When we approach fitness and wellness from a centered,
 body sensing place, 
we are more able to make health and movement choices that are in alignment with our body and being.